Emma Thompson & I are Hypocrites—& so are You.

I wonder at times if it is possible to be a perfect human. No, not that type of perfect that you thought of, because everyone knows that there is no perfection. I wonder if one can live consciously and intentionally, even at the expense of their own comfort. Because lots of people speak up about causes, ideas, legal entities, and private individuals—but, at the same time, make simple mistakes in daily life that go against their declared values. Think of Dame Emma Thompson, for example, and th

I Went to a Nude Beach and I Liked It (Kind of)

– Shall we go to a nudist beach? My best friend asked me during our vacation in Barcelona. She later admitted she wasn’t sure whether I’d agree or this idea would actualize. She merely “just said it.”But the idea was planted in my head and I kept mentioning it back to her in the form of asking different questions that would start with “But if…, what/how/when…?”. “Calm down, I just said it,” she replied quite sharply. But something clicked in my head, and the thought of doing it would not leav

Forget Tracking Habits, Track Your Thoughts Instead - Thrive Global

Most of us have fitness tracker apps or devices that tell us whether we’ve been standing up enough, whether we’re getting our 250 steps per hour, or how many more glasses of water we’ve left to drink. But all our problems stem not from not knowing how many calories we’re supposed to consume or how many steps we need to walk. They stem from focusing on the wrong kind of thoughts and, as a result, feeling undesired and unhelpful emotions that lead to uncontrolled and harmful behaviors.

How Writing Things Down Helped Rack My Productivity Up - Thrive Global

There is one simple cure to most problems we have. It’s free, it doesn’t take much time or energy, and you can do it from the comfort of almost anywhere you are. That cure is called journaling and I’m here to tell you how it transformed my life. Now you have probably heard about journaling — like I did in the past before learning its many benefits or like my best friend did when I introduced it to him recently. Maybe you even occasionally write things down: on your phone, on a piece of paper yo

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In 2016, Maria quit her job at an NGO to pursue her dream of becoming a creative and writing about things that people enjoy reading about. Since then, Maria has written for The Kyiv Post, The Odessa Review, The Rational Online, Hromadske International and Thrive Global with many of her stories going viral. She has also appeared on ABC News Australia, CTV News, BBC World Radio, and Global News.

She is interested in the topics of self-growth and self-discovery.

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